OCULUS Surgical

OCULUS Surgical has supported Orbis since 2017 with the donation of a OCULUS BIOM® system for the Flying Eye Hospital.

Dr. Eduardo Kestelman mentoring staff on the Flying Eye Hospital using the BIOM® system

Our staff and volunteers were very grateful to have the chance to work with this equipment following its installation onto the aircraft. The BIOM® system, which supports retina surgery, was used during our Flying Eye Hospital visit to Cameroon at the end of 2017, where they supported long term Orbis partners, The Magrabi ICO Hospital and Yaoundé Central Hospital.

During the Cameroon programme, the team were able to conduct the very first surgical retina surgery in Yaoundé. This is a hugely important development as prior to this, all patients had to be sent to other cities for treatment.

The donation also helped local ophthalmologist Dr Henry Nkumbe, who hadn’t conducted any retina surgeries for over a year, to begin operating again. Dr Nkumbe will now be the referral doctor in Yaoundé for surgical retina, a significant milestone for the treatment of patients in the area.

Dr Eduardo Kestelman mentoring Dr Nkumbe on the BIOM system

The donation came about following a presentation by Antonio Jaramillo, Head of Clinical Services for the Flying Eye Hospital, at the Alcon Experience Centre Scientific Opening in Barcelona earlier in the year. His speech highlighted the ways in which Orbis fights avoidable blindness in countries that so need our support.

Generous contributions such as this help us to ensure that the Flying Eye Hospital is not only a teacher, leaving a legacy of skills and understanding in the countries that we visit, but that it is an advocate for the advancement of eye care in those countries.

By demonstrating what is possible in terms of treatment we not only provide the best care for our patients, but also inspire the local eye health professionals to continue to aspire to high levels of practice, and advocate in their country for greater resourcing for their vital work.

We’re very grateful for this generous gift in kind donation from OCULUS Surgical, which will enable the Flying Eye Hospital to achieve even more during its sight-saving programmes.

If you would like to find out more about corporate sponsorship of Orbis programmes, please contact Nilly Sutton, Head of Corporate Partnerships (interim).

Phone number: 020 7608 7268