Aviation Club UK

The Aviation Club UK started its ongoing partnership with Orbis and our Flying Eye Hospital as its charity partner in January 2016.

The Aviation Club of the UK was founded in February 1990 to create a networking forum for its membership and a vehicle for promoting and developing all aspects of civil aviation. The Club has more than 500 professional members from a broad cross-section of the civil aviation community.

Membership is open to individuals with a business interest in the civil aviation industry and is drawn from airlines, airports, finance houses, manufacturers, regulators, and the media.

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Orbis really do change lives and the Aviation Club is proud to be associated with such a wonderful organisation. The Flying Eye Hospital is a unique facility and I hope that through the Club’s support we can make more people aware of the fantastic work it does. In our industry, vision is so important and it's easy to take for granted. So this is a cause which has particular meaning for us.

Karl Brünjes

Chairman of Aviation Club UK

Partnering with Aviation Club UK is a fantastic opportunity for Orbis, and I am so thankful to the Club for selecting our cause. I am looking forward to working with the Committee and members to provide an interesting insight into the role of aviation in the fight against avoidable blindness, and easy ways in which they can support our work.

Kathryn Sweet

Head of Corporate Partnerships