Angeline Chaipa is a Senior Staff Nurse at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. During her time volunteering with Orbis in Vietnam, she witnessed why it is so important to support the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital. With your help more nurses and medical staff can be trained to care for children like Tam.

There are more than 23,000 blind children in Vietnam but, for many, it is difficult to get access to quality eye care. Tam is one of the lucky ones.

Tam was screened at an Orbis supported hospital and diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes. He was 5. Tam’s mother, Thao, despaired when she thought they might not be able to afford the surgery for her son.

Tam's mum was so relieved to be told that the generous donations of Orbis supporters would cover the cost of Tam’s surgery. Now he can join in fully at school and has a bright future ahead of him. The impact of his successful surgery will be felt for years to come – not only for Tam but for his family and entire community – as he gets to do the things he could not have done if he were blind.

Will you offer a bright future to more children like Tam? With your support, the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital can bring the most up to date skills and knowledge to local nurses and doctors in countries like Vietnam.

A gift of £36 today will help offer the best possible care - through early detection and treatment - to prevent children like Tam from going blind.

Operation Sight is our ambitious initiative to provide optical, medical and surgical treatments to one million people by the end of 2018. With your help, we are confident we can achieve this.

Your simple act of generosity could bring the gift of sight to people currently resigned to a lifetime in darkness.

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